We want to help our economy to grow and to make the North East an excellent place to live and work. Our transport networks cross council boundaries in a diverse region, so only by working together will we meet people’s needs and ambitions, wherever they live.

The NECA Transport Manifesto – “Our Journey” – will feed into the Local Transport Plan for the North East Combined Authority and will set out how the Combined Authority intends to deliver on its ambition “to provide affordable, attractive, reliable, safe, healthy transport choices for businesses, residents and visitors while enhancing the environment”.

A Local Transport Plan (or LTP) is a set of documents that all local transport authorities are required to produce. The LTP sets out the authority’s plans and objectives for developing, maintaining and improving all aspects of the local transport system. You can find copies of the existing Local Transport Plans at the links below:

Transport North East will be the new identity for transport functions for the Combined Authority. It will design and build transport networks around common standards, and oversee transport operations that deliver connectivity to communities, businesses, and visitors. It will promote the healthiest and greenest ways to move around, and so encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport wherever possible. This means the public should notice no change in standards simply because they have travelled across a council boundary within the North East.

Transport Manifesto  Earlier this year, we carried out a consultation on “Our Journey – a 20 year Transport Manifesto for the North East”.  Over 1,700 people and organisations replied, and we would like to thank everyone who did so for letting us know their views. We’ve now produced a final version of the Manifesto, which takes account of the comments we received – to read this click below. If you need this document in a different format to those provided below, please contact us at transportconsultation@northeastca.gov.uk

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