The Forward Plan

The Forward Plan lists all of the decisions that committees or officers of the North East Combined Authority intend to take in the coming months, and it is updated on a regular basis.

Details of each decision are usually included on the Forward Plan 28 days before the report is considered and any decision is taken. This allows an opportunity for people to find out about major decisions that the Combined Authority is planning to take, to review any related reports and background papers, and to submit comments to the decision maker in advance of the decision being made.

The Forward Plan contains specific information relating to each decision including:

  • The date on which the decision is expected to be made;
  • Whether it is a Key or Non-Key decision (for an explanation of Key and Non-Key decisions click here);
  • Who the decision maker will be;
  • Details of the decision to be taken;
  • Any relevant background documents;
  • Contact details for further information; and
  • Whether the decision includes confidential or exempt information and is to be taken in private.

Where it has not been possible to include an item on the Forward Plan 28 days before the report is to be considered and the decision taken, regulations require special notice to be given and in some cases special consents to be obtained. In such cases the notice or the case for urgency are published below alongside the Forward Plan. Previous notices can be found on the Special Notice and Urgency Provisions page.