Delegated Decisions

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 applies to Combined Authorities and therefore NECA is:

  • Required to publish a written record of any decision that has been delegated to an officer of the NECA under a specific express authorisation, or under a general authorisation where the effect of the decision is to grant permissions or licenses, affect the rights of individuals, award contracts or incur expenditure which materially affects the NECA’s financial position;
  • Required to make available written records, to the public at the NECA office, on its website, by post if requested and on receipt of payment for copying and postage, and through any other means thought appropriate by the NECA;
  • Required to make available the written record for public inspection for at least six years, and any supporting documentation for at least four years.

The Scheme of Delegation of Functions to Chief Officers (Part 3.6 of the NECA’s Constitution) sets out the decisions that such officers can make.

Details of all relevant decisions made by officers between April 2014 and April 2017 can be found here: NECA Delegated Decisions April 2014 – May 2017.

For details of decisions made from May 2017 onward see Officer Decisions 2017-18 and Officer Decisions 2018-19

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