In March 2018 the Department for Transport (DFT) launched a Call for Proposals for city region authorities wishing to obtain capital funding from its Transforming Cities Fund (TCF).  The TCF has been established to fund capital infrastructure works that will deliver transformational benefits to sustainable and public transport users.

An Expression of Interest from the North East region was submitted in June 2018.  In September 2018 the North East was one of ten city regions shortlisted to submit bids for funding from TCF.  In December 2018 two further city regions were added to the final shortlist.  Across the 12 bidding authorities there is £1.28bn of capital funding available.

An initial £60m of the fund has already been distributed to city regions through Tranche 1 funding allocated in February 2019, for schemes to be delivered during 2019/20.  The remaining £1.22bn forms Tranche 2, and is available for capital investment schemes to be delivered between 20120 and 2023.

TCF Tranche 2 Bid

On 28th November 2019 the North East region submitted an ambitious and integrated programme of capital investments to the Department for Transport, seeking funding from the Transforming Cities Fund.  The submission takes the form of a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC).

The region’s programme envisages a £467million investment in public transport, sustainable transport and supporting capital investment.  It will improve the frequency and reliability of the Metro, introduce new passenger rail services in South East Northumberland, speed up urban buses and make rail services more reliable, extend the cycling network, improve Park & Ride facilities and transform environments in city centres.

The programme as a whole represents high value for money – its economic benefits outweigh the costs of investment by a ratio of 3:1 – and can be delivered by 2023.

The relevant document can be downloaded here

TCF Tranche 1 Bid

In February 2019 the North East region was awarded £10m of capital funding to be spent on schemes that encourage more travel by bus, cycling and walking, improving connectivity to city centres and key employment sites.

The application forms submitted to Government in January 2019 can be downloaded below:

Cycling schemes to key employment sites – bid submission

Cycling schemes to key employment sites – annexes

Cycling to Newcastle package – bid submission

Cycling to Newcastle – annexes

Cycling to Sunderland – bid submission

Cycling to Sunderland – annexes

Public Transport Reliability package – bid submission

Public Transport Reliability package – annexes

Barras Bridge Scheme – bid submission

Barras Bridge Schemes – annexes

TCF Expression of Interest

The successful TCF Expression of Interest for the North East region can be downloaded below:

NECA Transforming Cities Application.pdf

NECA Transforming Cities Bid Appendices.pdf


North East Transforming Cities Fund Bid