The Leadership Board of the North East Combined Authority has today (March 24) agreed the following recommendations to:

(1) Note the content of the report, the outcome of the consultation undertaken and the financial implications of the Devolution deal as set out in the North East Combined Authority Devolution Agreement entered into on 23 October 2015 (the “Proposed Agreement”) and the governance arrangements as outlined in the report

(2) Confirm the Leadership Board’s continued support for devolution and support for the Proposed Agreement entered into on 23rd October 2015 but notes the outstanding issues including those referred to in the main report (paragraph 68) and matters raised in section 2 of this report require further clarification and commitment by Government, and

(3)  Authorise the Head of Paid Service to secure appropriate clarification and commitment from Government on the outstanding issues referred to in Recommendation (2) above, and

(4)  Convene an extraordinary Leadership Board meeting during the week commencing 9  May 2016 to consider the further information received in relation to the outstanding issues referred to in Recommendations (2) and (3) above [from Government]  and to consider the next steps.

The full report can be found here.