The purpose of the Scrutiny Advisory Group is to help ensure the Integrated Transport Authority delivers its objectives. Scrutiny can do this by providing a mechanism for the ITA’s decisions and policies to be reviewed and examined in order to contribute to service improvement and ensuring value for money.

It is not the role of scrutiny to investigate individual complaints but to take a broad overview of public transport issues affecting the region. Scrutiny is about constructive criticism and open transparent decision making in public services. It is a positive activity and should contribute to the delivery of efficient and effective services that meet the needs and aspirations of local people.

The Scrutiny Advisory Group was created at the May AGM of the ITA in 2012, before this it was a Scrutiny Committee (first appointed by the ITA on 2nd October 2003). Establishing the new sub Committee of the ITA was a response to the requests of Councillors who wished to extend the scrutiny arrangements for the ITA.