Strategic Objectives The Government and Local Government Association national shared priority relating to local transport is “Improving access to jobs and services, particularly for those most in need, in ways which are sustainable: improved public transport; reduced problems of congestion, pollution and safety” Improving quality of life is a general aim of national, regional and Tyne and Wear Local Transport Plan policy Improved accessibility, regeneration and renewal will help achieve this. National policy is directed towards urban renaissance, sustaining rural areas, to economic and environmental sustainability and to sustainable development An integrated local transport strategy is set out and implemented through the Local Transport Plan (LTP). In Tyne and Wear, the LTP is prepared through a joint partnership comprising the ITA and each of the five constituent districts of Tyne and Wear In order to contribute effectively to the aspirations set out in the LTP for improving the quality of life for people in Tyne and Wear the ITA has adopted the overarching objectives of: – Achieving modal shift from car use to public transport Reducing transport-related social exclusion, and Stimulating economic regeneration These objectives support the broad social, economic and environmental objectives of our regional and LTP partners, and contribute directly to the shared LTP priorities of: – Tackling congestion Delivering accessibility Safer roads Better air quality, and other Quality of Life issues (e.g. community safety, public health, sustainable communities, noise, climate change)