The most significant part of the income received by Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority (TWITA) comes from a transport levy on the five Tyne and Wear district councils (based on population size) – meaning it is something that it is paid for by jointly by local authorities and represents all those authorities’ interests.

TWITA also receives funding from a number of specific grants from the Government that help pay for the Metro, other bus and rail services (especially rural and secured bus services), some elements of the concessionary fares scheme and the Tyne Ferry.

The Tyne Tunnel tolls on vehicles are used to fund the operation of the Tunnels and the development of the New Tyne Crossing. This is operated as a ringfenced trading account, meaning it is self-financing and does not receive any funding from the levy.

The lead authority for the ITA is Newcastle City Council.  NCC provides financial and other advisory services directly to the ITA.