The Local Code of Corporate Governance is based upon six core principles:

1. Focussing on the Integrated Transport Authority’s purpose and on outcomes for its citizens and service users

2. Members and officers working together to achieve a common purpose with clearly defined functions and roles

3. Promoting high standards of conduct and behaviour across the Integrated Transport Authority

4. Making transparent decisions which are subject to scrutiny and risk management

5. Developing the capacity of members and officers to be effective

6. Engaging with local people and stakeholders

You can download our local code of corporate governance, or the employee code of conduct by clicking on the links below.

TWITA’s specialist officers are provided by Newcastle City Council as the Lead Authority in Tyne and Wear on transport.

Specialist officers are as follows:

Clerk to the Authority – Pat Ritchie
Treasurer – Paul Woods
Head of Democratic Services – Linda Scott
Lead Policy Advisor – Harvey Emms
Senior Accountant, ITA – Eleanor Goodman
Senior Policy Officer – Graham Grant
Legal Advisor (Standards and Audit) – Helen Wilson
Democratic Services Officer – Victoria Miller
New Tyne Crossing Project Director – Paul Fenwick
Personnel Officer to the ITA – Pam Perry
Internal Audit – Phil Slater and Ian Pattison

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