The Standards and Audit Committee is now two separate committees, the Audit Committee and the Standards Committee.

The Standards Committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by members of the ITA, advising the ITA on the adoption or revision of the Code of Conduct and considering and determining any allegations that a member may have breached the Code.

The Audit Committee is responsible for advising the ITA on audit and governance issues.

Unlike other committees, both of these committees include four independent members (ie non-councillors).  Independent members are important, providing a clear signal that these Committees act fairly and impartially.  They also bring a wider perspective from their outside experiences.

Chair: Mr Scrimshaw (Independent Member)

Councillors: Curran, Lambert, Maughan, Miller, and Smith

Independent Members: Mr Clark, Mr O’Doherty and Mr Winter

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It is important you are also aware that under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 members of the public have a right to inspect any non-confidential background papers used in the production of a non-confidential report to the Authority.  If you have any problems accessing the information you want then please get in touch.

*Agendas for 22 February now available*

Please find the Agenda for the meetings on 22 February 2013 by clicking on the link underneath this main text.

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