Tyne and Wear ITA – on behalf of the five local authorities in Tyne and Wear – submitted an initial application for funding to the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.  This fund is designed to support interventions that will promote economic growth and reduce carbon emissions.  You can find the bid here.

Our bid is focused on three main objectives:

  • improving sustainable access to key employment/growth sites;
  • managing congestion on key corridors; and
  • promotion of active and healthy travel, with a particular focus on cycling.

These objectives are consistent with the overall strategies and policies contained in the recently adopted Local Transport Plan for Tyne and Wear.

We believe our proposals will:

  • benefit the economy by managing congestion, making journey times more reliable
  • and predictable, and improving the accessibility of the main employment areas;
  • reduce carbon emissions by increasing the proportion of journeys made by low carbon sustainable modes;
  • improve safety by addressing safety concerns in particular locations and by improving facilities for walking and cycling;
  • improve air quality and reduce noise, as motorised journeys are replaced by more sustainable modes;
  • deliver increased levels of physical activity with significant health benefits; and
  • improve social inclusion, and access for the whole community to jobs, services and facilities.

If we are successful with this initial project application we will be invited to prepare a detailed business case to illustrate the value for money we can achieve through this investment.  We welcome stakeholders continued involvement through this process and encourage you to get in contact.

TWITA would like to thank various stakeholders, representatives from all authorities, and the Local Transport Plan Core Team for preparing this initial project application.  The bid is available on the Local Transport Plan